tilt-shift was Runner Up in the Callum Macdonald Memorial Award, 2017, and noted in The Bottle Imp’s Best Scottish Books, 2016, and the Times Literary Supplement’s notable pamphlets, 2017.

It’s a collection of pieces created wholly, or partly, from sources of ‘found’ text with accessible, engaging results (which range from regular poems to visual pieces and collage).

“To paraphrase ‘Amazing Grace,’ which Tough sticks her oar into effectively, these poems once were lost, but now are found. From canals, through sphincters, to a school girl’s sinister note, the breadth of source material used to mine these process poems — and which the poems subvert — is unexpected, funny and surprisingly political at times.”
nick-e melville

“Kate Tough knows that the material world is there to be pilfered, and her pamphlet is like an item by item reveal of a child’s pocket. These poems are snatches of treasured things, lithe and real in themselves, ready to leap off the page.”
Polly Clark

Discover more about the poems in tilt-shift.

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Visual Poetry

Genesis info: The piece ‘War Again’ arose from the notion that waging war ‘against’ something (poverty, famine, war, drugs, terrorism etc.) is coming, still, from the energy and attitude of war. It took several attempts at testing phrases and layouts to arrive at the simplest, most effective visual representation of that concept.

Being subject to the usual constraints of mass-producing text in print, the scope of tilt-shift extends to black ink and legible font sizes.

Many pieces by Kate use coloured source material or varied fonts and, therefore, benefit from digital presentation.

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Coming & Going

A few poems on the theme of relationships.


A few poems on the themes of nature and the present moment.