Head for the Edge, Keep Walking – novel

No-one does lost quite like Jill Beech… Just out of a long relationship, she quickly finds that life has nothing she can rely on; not career, men, friendships, or health…

In her inimitably wry and witty way, the resilient but bewildered Jill embarks on a laugh (and cry) out-loud search for meaning amongst the bars, workplaces and NHS clinics of Glasgow.

At once funny and tender, Head for the Edge, Keep Walking is a clear-sighted look at a generation of women that was told they could ‘have it all’.

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It’s a Man I Need – story

A warm portrait of a straight-talking couple who commit to not getting married.

This story is from Kate’s in-progress collection, Kissing Lying Down.

“I loved reading these. Engaging, funny and warm. Great humour throughout, wonderful character observation and some deliver a powerful kick.”
Helen Sedgwick, author of The Comet Seekers

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“…the breadth of source material used to mine these process poems is unexpected, funny and surprisingly political… Tough forces the reader to participate, rather than just read.”

nick-e melville on tilt-shift

“A fantastic read. Hooked from the first page. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

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